Cithway Self-Adhesive 3D Plant Wall Stickers

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Bring in the beauty of nature at the comfort of your home with these self-adhesive 3D plant wall stickers!

A 3/4 piece set of self-adhesive wall stickers designed in a variety of vividly gorgeous 3D printed plant/flower types selections. Allowing you to effortlessly transform your empty wall space with a stunning pop of greens and visual effect that would make every head turn. What's more? All plant sticker styles can add a wash of coziness and tranquil ambiance to your overall space. The wall stickers' 3D quality even provides more depth and allows them to be seen at any angle without looking flat. You can also use the plant decals for stylishly covering up your walls' unsightly blemishes. stains. scratches. minor cracks. holes. and so much more. 

These 3D decorative plant wall stickers adopt a superior non-trace adhesive that can stick firmly against different smooth wall types. Furthermore. they also boast excellent waterproofing qualities that can resist daily exposure to liquids. moisture. and humidity. Preventing them from slipping out of place. fading. and losing adhesive hold. These refreshing wall decals even supply great dirt-resistant which keeps stains. dust. and other dirt from adhering and ruining the print quality. Making them the best addition to your living room. kitchen. bedroom. children's room. shop windows. restaurants. office. game room. TV background. hotels. flower. shop. and such.       

Level up your walls with some refreshing greens that won't ever withered with these self-adhesive 3D plant wall stickers!


  • 3D Decorative Plant Wall Decal
    A nicely refreshing wall sticker featuring a high-quality print of realistic 3D plant design that impressively captures the essence of nature's natural beauty. It comes in a set of 3 and 4 piece with different vividly gorgeous plant/flower types selections in sizes 30cm*27cm. 30cm*30cm. 22cm*43cm. and more. All sticker styles can effectively fill in your dull. empty walls with an exquisite color pop and visual aesthetic. Allowing you to effortlessly transform your overall space into a natural oasis with a touch of that cozy tranquility in just a quick sticking. No worries as each plant sticker adopts that 3D effect to deliver more depth and real-life quality that you can also glance at any angle without looking blandly flat. What's more? These plant stickers not only deliver a stunning decorative result. but it also helps in covering up unsightly wall blemish. stains. scratches. minor cracks. and such.      

  • Ultra-Strong Adhesive
    These remarkable 3D plant stickers supply a superior back adhesive that can securely grip on almost all wall types. Suitable for wood. metal. ceramic tiles. glass. marble materials. smooth cement wall. and more possibilities. The wall stickers can also stay unbudging in place and withstand moisture or any humid environments unlike with other stickers. Eliminating it from the risk of slipping off and the need to constantly position it back in place. Making them the best decorative plant wall decals for living room. kitchen. bedroom. children's room. kindergarten. shop windows. restaurants. office. game room. TV background. hotels. flower. shop. and so on.

  • Waterproof and Dirt-Resistant
    The self-adhesive plant wall aesthetics promote an unparalleled waterproofing performance. All stickers can successfully resist water. rain. moisture. oil. splatters. and any other sort of liquids. Preventing them from fading. reducing visual quality. losing adhesive hold. and other damages. These plant wall decals even boast an incredible dirt-resistance that keeps dust. dirt. grimes. and other stains from sticking to the print. Each plant wall sticker can be easily wiped with a cloth to maintain them clean and on tip top condition.     

  • Easy Peel-and-Stick Installation
    These plant wall stickers can stylishly freshen up your wall space in no time without the need for complicated steps and multiple unnecessary tools needed. Simply wipe the area you're sticking on clean and dry. peel-off the protective adhesive film. align the sticker into position. adhere. gently press to secure. and done. No need to drill holes on walls anymore only to cause unwanted permanent marks and damages. Moreover. the wall stickers can be also smoothly removed any time without leaving sticky. messy residues behind.    

  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-grade. non-toxic PVC material with an excellent print quality and colorfast performance. All plant wall sticker styles promise you a long-term usage without fading. discoloration. weakening adhesive grip. wrinkling. and tearing. Furthermore. the decorative decals are 100% odorless so that they can be placed anywhere while ensuring everyone's overall safety and health.


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