New Year Sale 45% OFF ZV1-728 Drone-Latest drone with 4k UHD camera

$69.99 $130.00
Color:  Black without camera
Specification:  One battery (storage bag)
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 Best Gift of 2024

4K Ultra HD Drone

Flying a 4K aerial drone to capture these shots becomes comfortable and intuitive. You can even see what's going on around the drone using the wide-angle camera for obstacle avoidance.

Compact and foldable design

The Lite+'s propellers and arms conveniently fold into a compact package. making your drone travel easier.

The Ultimate Imaging System | Feel the World

Take back the night.

Even when it gets dark. you can still capture the charm of the world. Thanks to Autel's intelligent moonlight algorithm. the Lite+ aerial photography drone captures vibrant nighttime details even at high ISO.

HDR: Darker shadows. Brighter highlights.

With HDR on the Lite+ drone. multiple photos can be taken at different exposures and automatically stitched together. resulting in photos with higher contrast and dynamic range.

Restore natural color

Automatically balances overexposure and underexposure when shooting scenes with high contrast. producing clearer images with more depth.

defog mode

Whether you're flying over a dreary mountaintop at dawn or hovering at the base of a waterfall. Lite+ lets you cut through the haze with Demist. which automatically adjusts your camera's shake settings so your footage looks crisp and clear.

Capture cinematic footage with just one click

Create eye-catching. professional-grade footage with four automatic shooting modes at the push of a button. Add soundtracks and filters to make your videos even more epic. and you can produce unforgettable results whether you're an experienced pilot or new to the drone game.

Automatically blur background for extra cinematic effect/portraits

Take the ultimate selfie with just the push of a button. When enabled. SkyPortrait will lift your Lite+ into the air and automatically adjust the lens to capture a photo of everyone. You can even have Lite+ automatically blur the background to focus only on you and your friends for an extra cinematic effect/portrait.

Time lapse and panorama

With Hyperlapse. aerial drones will capture stabilized footage and automatically process them to create hyperlapse videos of accelerated time and motion.

lite plus supports 4 panorama modes: sphere 180° horizontal and vertical.

Master topic tracking

Recruit your Lite+ drone to automatically track any person. animal. or vehicle. so you can focus on your activities while your Lite+ takes care of the movie stuff.

hear everything

By recording sounds from the ground and ambient sounds with your smartphone. you can bring your videos to life even when your drone is miles above the ground.

Three-way obstacle avoidance makes flying safer

Not commonly seen in drones of this size the 4K drone incorporates an advanced obstacle avoidance system to keep it safe while flying. With 3-way binocular vision sensors that enable the drone to perceive obstructions in front of it behind it and below it. If anything comes into the drone's path it will automatically brake and hover to avoid a collision.

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